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Cooking Classes in Tuscany


The Real Italian Meat Sauce (Ragu)

Meat sauce for your homemade pasta Ok! I leave you here the Real Italian Meat Sauce (Ragu) recipe as promised. Try it and let me know…I’m sure it’s the tastiest ragu you’ve ever eaten. INGREDIENTS 4 people: 1 medium onion 500 gr ground meat (250gr beef and 250gr pork) 1 carrot 2 tuscan sausages (only…

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5 italian christmas delights

Italian Christmas Delights: 5 Traditional Desserts and Cakes

I collected and am thrilled to share the recipes of these 5 Italian Christmas Delights. They embody the essence of Italian festive treats. In Italy is a time of warmth, family gatherings, and, of course, delectable sweets that have stood the test of time. At Cuoche in Vacanza (Chefs on Vacation), nestled in the heart…

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clementine cake

Clementine Cake my cooking class students absolutely adore

Clementine Cake my cooking class students adore was born on one fine Winter morning.   At that time, a group of enthusiastic individuals from around the world gathered in my Tuscan kitchen. Working together As we delved into the art of Tuscan cooking, the star of the day was a humble yet enchanting clementine cake….

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Bruschetta Bliss

Bruschetta Bliss: A Taste of Tuscany through Cooking Classes

Bruschetta bliss! Under the Tuscan sun, where the air is heavy with the sweet scent of ripe tomatoes and the sound of laughter fills the rustic kitchens, there’s a dish that captures the essence of this enchanting region like no other – Bruschetta Bliss with Fresh Tomatoes and Garlic. This is a must-try experience during…

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authentic chicken cacciatore cooking class

Authentic Chicken Cacciatore cooking class in Tuscany

Welcome to Tuscany As the golden Tuscan sun dips beneath the rolling hills, casting an enchanting glow over the picturesque landscape, I can’t help but reminisce about the countless culinary adventures we’ve shared in my authentic chicken cacciatore cooking class here. Tuscany, with its rich history, vibrant culture, and of course, its divine cuisine, has…

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trippa cooking class in tuscany

Trippa Cooking Class in Tuscany. Only for the tough ones!

Trippa cooking class in Tuscany! Finally this dish, after 15 years of an honorable career finally someone who asks me to take such a class. Someone who wants to learn how to make this typical Tuscan dish. Well, difficult to believe, but they called me for a bachelorette party. Do you remember the Pasta bachelorette…

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Detox food and meals

Italian detox meals after feast

Italian detox meals after the feast. I really feel the need to detoxify myself, to eat something lighter! So let’s put aside the fatty proteins from pork and cold cuts and dedicate a little more to what is a vegetable. There’s 1 Italian starter, 2 first courses, 2 main courses, and 2 desserts. The menus…

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My Tuscan Thanksgiving menu

My Tuscan Thanksgiving menu

This colorful Tuscan-inspired full menu is the perfect way to celebrate Thanksgiving. Here’s for you guys: my Tuscan Thanksgiving menu. Here in Tuscany, an appetizer that everyone likes with an extremely refined taste is the small glasses celebrating the Italian flag colors or ITALIAN FLAG APPETIZER IN A GLASS Cherry tomatoes confit, ricotta mousse, and…

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#Tuscany, “colored” Pasta Cookery Course: black Tagliatelle!

Naturally COLORED PASTA! Yes, with ingredients from the garden, but not only…from the seaside as well. “Simple is not Easy”, this sentence flies on my mind every day since the first time I heard it. Making fresh homemade Pasta is definitely simple, but there are many variables to remind and respect. Each has its say…

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Cenci tuscan cooking class

Italian Carnival fried dough: i Cenci!

Italian Carnival fried dough guys! It’s finally time for.  As Carnival is coming here in Tuscany you can not give up these “sweets” related to the tradition. During these days their perfume pervades every house … especially those with children or with the greedy ones. The scent of icing sugar is here at my house…

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gnocchi Gnudi from tuscany

Gnocchi Gnudi from Tuscany, recipe and cooking class

Gnocchi Gnudi from Tuscany: they are easy but delicious and therefore the perfect dish to prepare when you have little time but you want to enjoy it! Today I do have not much time to cook because I have: to print new menus for  CuocheinVacanza Private Dinners, to answer a lot of emails from travelers…

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private chef in villa: panettone

Private Chef in Villa: let’s make the Panettone Sweet Bread!

Some time ago I was called to be a “private chef in villa” to make Panettone, a typical cake of the Italian Christmas tradition. Our Customers It was a couple of connoisseurs of art: she a sculptor, he a collector of works of art; both were curious about the preparation of the panettone. His wife…

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San Giuliano Terme. The Best Onions Soup

I do not know how to explain it, but yesterday I cooked this dish and I still think to it, its perfumes, the crunchiness of the bread, the baked gruyere flavor… well, I can not wait to taste it again. Another surprise from this soup: it’s loved “very very much” by my girls, it’s the…

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Italian aperitivo gougeres

Italian Aperitivo: Gougeres (french cheese puffs) cooking class in Tuscany

Italian Aperitivo: Gougeres (French cheese puffs) Running Cooking Classes in Tuscany often means toasting with an aperitif in your hands, together with your students. Sometimes we toast throughout Tuscany due to my work as a traveling chef, other times we toast directly in the kitchen of the “Cuoche in Vacanza” Cooking School and B&B near…

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porcini mushrooms spaghetti

cooking classes all year round: porcini mushrooms and spaghetti!

Cooking classes all year round!    It’s autumn and our cooking classes in Tuscany don’t stop. When preparing dishes with fresh and seasonal ingredients, you can cook all year round without any problems. Our menus change, our culinary proposals change. But if you want to take a cooking course you have 2 possibilities: 1) WE…

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pasta mix mullet sauce

Pasta mix and mullet sauce. Only on the family table!

Pasta mix, an imaginative dish! Does anyone of you know what is the MISTICANZA DI PASTA? Maybe some of you who have Italian relatives know that in Italy if different types of pasta are leftover, you decide to cook them all together.   Even during my cooking classes in Tuscany, I love teaching to make…

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