Friday, January 23, 2015

#Tuscany: Italian Home Cooking with Fresh and Seasonal Veg. Homemade Pumpkin and Leek #Risotto!

#Pumpkin and Leak Risotto with seasonal vegetables

Recently I discovered that I can do the shopping directly from my home, from my computer.
I do not buy almost anything fresh on-line, for what there are open-air markets, which are one of my favorite destinations, along with forest walks to collect herbs, or tours to the gardens of my  farmer friends around Tuscany
However, as regards everything else, well, I must say it's a comfort crazy. Practically, in this way, I safely
avoid the whole part of the grocery which involves:
  • Take the car 
  • Find parking 
  • wander around in a supermarket (minimum one hour) 
  • Maybe wait in line (ex. delicatessen counter) 
  • Return home 
  • Empty the car 
  • Bring the groceries home 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

#Cookery Course in Tuscany: Italian Meatballs directly from my granny; how feeling good with friends and family!

italian meatballs
Nothing to dothere are very few dishes like meatballs ... that can please everyone, absolutely everyone, young and old. 
And how could it be otherwise? Here in Italy meatballs are with you from an early age. My grandmother, for example, knew how preparing them in many different ways, depending on the age and also the state of health.
  •      steamed meatballs seasoned with fresh smoothie tomato; when I was just over one year
  •      baked meatballs to stay light without sacrificing any flavor that distinguishes them
  •      fried meatballs ... "party" atmosphere ... ideal for a lunch/dinner between friends
  •      meatballs in sauce, cooked in a pan along with their sauce

Friday, January 2, 2015

Lucca and Pisa: #Tuscan Zuccotto with Coffee and Chocolate Cream. Culinary arts, Cooking Classes and Tuscany Cooking... and a visit to Modigliani exhibition to start the New Year

Tuscan zuccotto

It's the 2nd day of the year 2015 and I too have done my own analysis of consciousness about how I behaved last year, on my successes and my failures, it is always room for improvement, incredibly, huge; )
I too have a long series of Good Intentions:

- Do not start smoking again (I stopped for 5 years)
- Go to the gym (early morning)
- Create a Tshirt for Cooks on Holiday (
- Try the new menu for our Private Dinners
- Enrich the Cooking Classes with new courses
- To be closer to my girls who are going through adolescence
- Improve this blog that I care a lot and try to make it useful for all my students (and not) in Italian and Tuscan Cuisine.
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