Sunday, July 13, 2014

Proud to be approved by Tuscanycious and some pictures about my last cooking classes!

This has been a particular lucky year, maybe becouse of strange forces that I don't know...maybe becouse of the optimism I learnt from my husband who always says: "look at life and smile. You've not to smile for something, try to see the smile as the cause of your happiness not the consequence".
Well, so I did, and I've to say that it's true! It's true! It's true!
Ok, a part from "life lessons", I'm writing here just to tell you that many satisfactions during this year, are always and continuing in time:
interesting and special people to meet during my cooking classes!
Another satisfaction I got right now is about my Blog: has been approved by Tuscanycious. Such a success!
Tuscanycious is the Tuscany Region official blog concerning regional food and wine. Here you can find traditional and original recipes, tips for your food stops, information about local traditional and certificated products, food itineraries and the best events to taste Tuscany all year round.
I'm so proud about it, that's my world, my work...
Looking forward to writing some recipe on a guest post on Tuscanycious, I live these Summer days working hard between cooking classes and private dinners and the time to stop and to think is just to the Winter.
Having a blog take your energy and give you more than this and what I really love is all the synergy coming out of the meeting with the others.
Well, an inusual homemade dish, an ingredient who become the protagonist of all the cooking class; during the last month, for example, I'm looking for a fast and easy tuscan cake I could introduce and prepare during the courses. If it had a history too, it could be amazing!
A blog is often the way to share ideas and advices and I adore having comments, so my'n!
You know I live everyday thinking about what I'll be able to find out teaching something more interesting to my students.
Meanwhile, have a look at some cooking classes and private dinners in can find very special people and experiences and obviously some tuscan recipes!
What about some Maltagliati with Fresh Pesto for beautiful grooms and guests?

fresh pesto


Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Palaia: cooking class and dinner in a Villa in Tuscany


Sicilian Cannoli
During my job I often meet special people. Last evening we went in Palaia, a really nice and wild place between the tuscan hills. 
We went there few months ago to cook The Tuscan Fried Fish Mix, a typical way to fry the fish here in Tuscany.
The road to arrive to the Villa, inside a typical Tuscan wood, was not know.
Once arrived we met the guests: an american family, all adults. 
One of them, John, stayed all the time with Rossy and me to learn how making Pasta (Lasagne) and the other delights we prepared over there. He told me it was a really particular and teaching experience...that's why I make this job!
The self catering Villa was fantastic: modern, well designed and equipped, and the owner is a kind and friendship girl always attentive to her guests wishes.
I leave here some pictures about this special night. 
Lasagne with Ragu Sauce and Sicilian Cannoli were the most successful... if you like our special recipe, don't forget to click the link!
See you with a new adventure about this Summer, with another cooking class in Tuscany



Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Greve in Chianti: a Luxury Villa, a Fantastic Family and a Dreamy Place to keep a Cooking Class in Tuscany!

2014-06-16 20.30.15

Here is a new place to discover!
Yesterday we left our home at 3 pm and...let's go toward Greve in Chianti...approximately 2 hour-trip from here :).
It was not a so hot day and, as you can see by pictures...we "enjoyed" the rain all the time.
What about the roads? Woods, white roads and no road signs to read...
2014-06-16 20.30.51

But, if we italians are so unlikely to give road informations, this is not the Americans case; in fact Lisa (the lady who called us for a Cooking Class in Tuscany), sent me a perfect map with driving directions too, nothing short of outstanding. I don't know how I'd have done without her!

2014-06-16 17.01.38

The thing that make me more happy is that Lisa called us becouse of our success with some of her friends which enojed our cooking classes in Tuscany last year!

2014-06-17 16.45.25

This place inside the wild nature of tuscan hills is truly fantastic, breathtaking.

2014-06-16 18.40.12-2

A Luxury Villa with a huge Kitchen and a huge dining table! That's where we always dream to work in...possibly a little closer ;)

2014-06-16 19.14.56-1

We met 3 fantastic families, but in  reality just one very big, becouse they were all relatives; parents, sons, daughters and nephews.

2014-06-16 20.24.24-2

Me and Rossy left our folders and our business cards to the housekeeper and who knows, maybe one day we'll come back over there?

2014-06-17 16.41.29